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The Book’s Backstory and Mission

I was watching the news one evening and there was a brief story about a pop up exhibition at a local college called “300 Backpacks”. 300 backpacks were piled in the main campus walkway, forcing students to notice and to walk around them. Each backpack had been donated by a family whose college student had committed suicide the year before. 300 beautiful lives and the difference they could have made, all of the potential that each could have achieved, lost. So heartbreaking and so unnecessary!

I wrote this book because I believe each person has a gift to give to the world. As young people transition to independence, they have the power to take control of their life’s direction and unleash their potential. They have the power to create a future filled with possibilities only they can imagine and achievements only they can achieve. My mission is to help these young adults step into their brilliance, and navigate the pressures that would destroy their light.

This book is a tool to uncover goals and deep motivations, setting the north star for the journey. It gives a framework to evaluate decisions, set positive habits, and build resilience, and learn how to learn effectively.

"Crushing it in College: Your 7-Step Guide to an Awesome Adventure "   is an awarding-winning nonfiction book that speaks to every person in the incoming freshman class and from every background experience.  It is available on at the link below, by order from Barnes & Noble, or directly from me for bulk purchases.  


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Crushing it in College: Your 7-Step Guide to an Awesome Adventure 

"Crushing it in College: Your 7-Step Guide to an Awesome Adventure" helps students:

  • Get engaged in their success from the start, so that they are prepared to embark on their journey with purpose
  • Create and keep momentum, so they will continue their progress and achieve their goals
  • Prepare for the inevitable obstacles and setbacks, so they have the tools, techniques and recipes to get back on track
  • Gain critical life skills to set themselves up for continued success, throughout and beyond their college journey

Over the years I've seen hundreds of high school students both flourish and flounder in college, and observed some patterns that successful students have in common. I've written this book to enable students to set themselves up for success.

The book is written to take you on a 7-Part Journey. If you follow the steps you will:

  • Clarify your personal mission, goals, and motivations, so you can make this journey your own and move forward with momentum (Chapter 1).
  • Identify your personal strengths and advantages, and make mindset choices so you can fuel your success and propel your progress (Chapter 2).
  • Plot your journey and choose your courses, even if you don’t know your major, so you can create your unique map to reach your goals (Chapter 3).
  • Gain tips on how to orient yourself to your new environment and set yourself up for success at the outset (Chapter 4).
  • Add tools to find your people and strengthen your social life (Chapter 5).
  • Create effective study habits and time management, so you can reach your goals with less stress (Chapter 6).
  • Secure strategies for recovering from setbacks, so you can overcome obstacles and missteps that arise along the way and keep going (Chapter 7).

From discovering your unique personal mission to inspire you, to clearly defining your goals and creating your unique plan to accomplish them, this guide provides a framework for making decisions, a resource to count on for support, and proven strategies and practical suggestions that have helped many students not just to survive, but to thrive, in college. The seven simple steps have worked for them and can work for you, too!


Other Ways You Can Get Involved

I would love to have you join me on this journey and mission! If you would like to be involved, please:

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Sharing this book with you truly is an honor. Thank you so much for all of your love and support!

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