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Online Workshops & Courses 













  • Want to dive a little deeper?  Enhance your outcomes with the  Crushing it in College On-line course. This course walks you through the 7-Step Guide and helps you complete the challenges in the book  so you can be prepared and set yourself up for success.  
  • Want live support? Join one of the Crushing it in College Workshops. These Workshops are scheduled periodically throughout the year, and run in 3-hour segments, either in a block or in 3 1-hour sessions for a week. Limited to 30 participants in each session, the Workshops are designed to give each participant individualized attention and results through group coaching. 
  • Want to dive really deep? Consider one of the  MastermInds and Limited Group Classes. Consistent of one day intensives through 6-week classes, these are offered in the summer to extract the most value in preparing for the college adventure. The Limited Group Coaching is held for up to 18 students, and offers group coaching calls, community, and 3 hours of personalized 1:1 consultation.



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