Speaking Engagements


 Alicia is an engaging and entertaining speaker, whose messages bring new perspectives, provide inspiration, reinforce confidence, and offer practical tips to transform her audiences. In addition to the topics below, Alicia is happy to work with her clients to curate content, subjects and messages for specific events, audiences and needs.

Some suggested topics include:


  • Start Strong: Quick Action Tips for a Successful Transition to College
  • Leadership:  Enhancing Your Team’s Performance; When and How to Take the Reins; Creating Space for Inclusion
  • Diversity: Recognizing Your Invisible Paradigms, Challenging Assumptions and Expanding Understanding
  • Careers: Your Major is NOT a Life Sentence
  • Relationships: Blast Out of Your Boundaries and Capture New Connections
  • Motivation: Build Your Momentum to Create Your Own Destiny
  • Inspiration: Pay Attention to Your Spark and Build it into a Flame
  • Financial Literacy: It’s Not Just for Accountants and Wall Street
  • Community Service: Getting Grounded by Giving Back
  • Health, Wellness, Fitness: Using Your Mind-Body Connection to Turbocharge Your Journey
  • Overcoming Obstacles: Navigate the Bumps in the Road and Get Back on Track


  • How to Let Go and Let Them Grow
  • Communicating with Your Child as an Adult: New Rules for New Roles
  • On the Rebound: When Your College Kid Comes Bouncing Back


  • Amp up Your Alumni Engagement and Donations: Building your Alumni Relationships from the Outset
  • Marketing Your Message: Reframe College Value Beyond Degrees


 FOR EVENTS: Student Orientation - Admittance Weekends - Assemblies - Workshops -Seminars - Keynotes - Conferences


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