Are you the Parent of a Rising College Student?

Hey Parents of High School Graduates--

There is a BIG difference between what it takes to excel in high school and what's needed for college. Is your student prepared to meet the challenges ?

Will they: handle the pressure, without dropping out or spinning out of control?

                 make the right choices about courses, friends, and how they spend their time?

                 make the most of their time, resources, effort (and your money?) 

Will your investment be worth it?!!

What if you knew that your child was equipped: 

  • To take ownership of their journey?
  • To define their specific goals for college, and map out a pathway that they are excited to follow?
  • To buildpositive social network? and
  • To anticipate and overcome obstacles?

Working with Alicia in the "Crushing it in College" series, your child will gain useful skills, techniques and confidence to set themselves up for success in college, and life.

 Select Testimonials:

“College is so crazy expensive, if you're going then you should do what you can to make the most of your investment - and this guide is a great place to start.”-- Danny Iny, Founder/CEO at Mirasee; Books: Teach Your Gift | Effortless | Online Courses; Podcast: Course Lab | Talk @ Google: "Education that Works"


 Discover how Alicia can help YOUR  student CRUSH IT!


Meet Alicia


An engaging Speaker, Author, Thought Leader, and Coach, Alicia is the author of the international best-selling book "Crushing it in College: Your 7-Step Guide to an Awesome Adventure", now available on Amazon. 

Her series of workshops and online courses support her mission to spread the joy of learning to everyone, regardless of age and background. She has spoken as a keynote and on panels at several events, and provides coaching services by engagement. 

Select Testimonials:

"I was excited about going to college, but nervous about whether I would make it.  I followed Alicia's process, and felt confident that I knew what to do. This was especially good when everyone in my dorm was scrambling around and panicked at mid-terms."  --Will S (Student, Summa Cum Laude College Graduate)


Explore how Alicia can help YOUR STUDENT SUCCEED  in college



 Online Courses, Workshops, Limited Group Coaching and Masterminds



Enhance your experience and results.

Learn about the opportunities to go deeper, accelerate your progress and supplement your success toolkit.  Join Alicia in her signature Workshops, On-Line Courses and Limited Group Coaching Classes by registering to join her email list.

Alicia is also available to create curated courses on request for specific events, targeted results and specialized subjects. Contact Alicia for an exploration call below.  

Select Testimonials:

"Alicia has created a simple, step by step system that inspires students to take control of their college journey, and life.  She encourages them to define their personal goals, provides a variety of tools and techniques so that each student can choose what works best for them, and guides them to create their personal action plan. Her course is a 'must have' for any student that wants to create a strong foundation for success in college."  --Lauren Taylor (High School Teacher)


Optimize Your College Adventure


Speaking Engagements


Alicia is an acknowledged expert in helping students, parents, and  and organizations set goals and achieve amazing results.

She has a series of suggested topics, and offers curated specialized content for specific events and goals.  Available to speak to large or small groups, in person or virtually, by engagement.


Student Orientation- Leadership- Assemblies

Workshops-Career Days


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College is expensive in money, time and effort, and many people are questioning its value. Huge mistake! But you have to do it right to maximize your returns.

"Crushing it in College: Your 7-Step Guide to an Awesome Adventure" helps students make the most out of their college investment, and set themselves up for success in college, and life

Now available for purchase on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or directly from Alicia for bulk purchases.


"If you're ready to positively transform your life, then read and absorb the strategies in this brilliant book by Alicia Moore. "  --James Malinchak, Two-Time National College Speaker of the Year; Best-Selling Co-Author, "Chicken Soup for the College Soul"; Featured on ABCs Hit TV Show, "Secret Millionaire", Founder    


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